You are a liar! Comrades slam Gen SEC Julian Robinson

As the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) goes into it’s National Conference in September, there is now an all out war between delegates and the General Secretary Julian Robinson.

In a scaving email obtained by LBC NEWS, sent to the party Leader Dr Peter Phillips, a delegate of the party has accused Julian Robinson of been a serial liar.

The entire letter as we have gotten it is reproduce below:



As a Delegate of The PNP. I cannot accept the disrespect, disregard and underhandedness in my constituency any longer. You have stood by and allowed this constituency, to descend into more and more chaos everyday.

Since July 30th, 2017 my constituency has not had a functioning constituency executive. Even though you are fully aware of the reasons why, you have allowed chaos to continue and has been a serial LIAR throughout the entire process.

Think on these things……

In September 2017 (almost 45 days after you were brought up to speed about the unconstitutional ending of our constituency conference), you summoned myself and other delegates to a meeting at Party HQ. At the meeting, your concerns were placed, including striking a deal for us to not raise the issue at Annual Conference. Another critical part of that deal, was the fear that the issues at hand, could be misused by the media to weaken the Party. In return for us not agitating the issues, you promised to settle the matter of our Private Session, immediately after the By-Election in S.E. St. Mary. That unfortunately, was when we realized, that you are really a serial LIAR.

After that lie, you received countless emails, enquiring about the status of the promised Private Session, of which you have read, but refused to respond to a single one to date. Is this an acceptable behaviour? Don’t you know how critical E.C. St. Catherine is, in our bid to challenge for the next general elections? Isn’t it somewhat foolhardy of you, to not ensure that there is an active constituency organization in place, to carry out the critical political work, of the Party? Or are you indicating, that using the proper channels (of the Party), isn’t the right way to resolve constitutional issues? Is it only social media, that will guarantee attention?

So, as a result of your lack of correspondence, a handful of us delegates decided to seek audience with you, at one of the weekly Party Executive meetings. That audience lasted approximately three (3) minutes. With another promise, to have the matter dealt with, only this time, by you personally; as according to you, the regional leadership who should have dealt with the matter, failed to do so.

You lied again!!! You did not even make an attempt to communicate to myself, or any other delegate to bring sensible closure, to our critical issues. Bearing in mind, that we are a fully recognized and financial constituency. Is it that delegates no longer have a say in how their constituency, is run? Is it that as a group member, I have no right to ask a question of my general secretary?

You then called a clandestine meeting in November 2017 at Party HQ with so-called members of the previous constituency executive. When some of us turned up as delegates, you ordered us out of the meeting. Yet you kept persons inside there who has never been on any constituency committee. After standing outside awaiting an outcome of the meeting, I heard you expressing how you should’ve told delegates about “dem bomboclaat”, when they showed up to speak to you at Party HQ. Mr. Robinson, you are out of order, to say such a thing.

You Mr. Robinson, have helped to coordinate the removal of Comrade Arnaldo Brown from his constituency, without giving him an opportunity to face the delegates. Now you have placed a good Comrade like Mayor Norman Scott in a situation that is untenable and very tense. A situation that will remain frustrating and destabilize his candidacy. Even the two (2) young men, who have always been at the forefront, trying to keep the constituency together, have gone silent. Apparently someone has persuaded them to stay away from the fray. You have taken undemocratic decisions, and caused more harm than good. As a Comrade, I will not Sit and allow you to take away my franchise.

Now that a constituency conference has been announced for August 19th, 2018, is it your plan to once again, renege on your responsibility to give proper oversight to the proceedings? Is there to be more chaos again this year? Why must our noble party continue to suffer because of your weak and indecisive nature? I put it to you sir, that if the Secretariat is not present to oversee the proceedings, there is a high possibility that there will be greater chaos, this year. And if you fail to oversee or cause proper administration of this conference, I am encouraging you, to tender your resignation from the office of the Secretariat, with immediate effect. I put it you, sir, that you should pack your bags and go. Because you will cause the Party, to remain in Opposition beyond the next general election.

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